Bird Facts and Trivia

Wood Duck vs Mandarin Duck

Wood Duck vs Mandarin Duck

Wood ducks and mandarin ducks are often confused as the same. In this post about wood duck vs mandarin duck, we’ll list all details on how to tell them apart!

turtle dove vs mourning dove

Turtle Dove vs Mourning Dove

Doves are some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Let’s find out the stark differences between a turtle dove vs mourning dove!

Highest Flying Birds

The Highest Flying Birds

Ever wondered how far high above birds can fly? Spoiler! Some can go higher than the Everest! Here are the highest flying birds documented!

osprey feathers meaning


This post is your in-depth guide to osprey feather meaning including the spiritual beliefs about them, their significance to the native American, and more!

cool bird names

50+ Cool Bird Names You’ll Love!

This is not only a list of really cool bird names, but a collection of funny, badass and creative ideas you can name your feathered buddies!

Famous birds in literature

Most Famous Birds in Literature

Birds are stars to plenty of books, stories, and writing throughout history. Here’s a list of the cream of the crop of the most famous birds in literature.