50+ Cool Bird Names You’ll Love!

Over 50 Cool Bird Names That We Know You’ll Love!

Finding a fun and creative bird name isn’t always easy: how many people are there with parrots named Polly in this world? You can do better than that, especially with our help! We brainstormed the coolest bird names in the world and created an extensive list based on several factors. Our list then breaks down into several sub-categories, like funny, badass, and exotic bird names that we think you’ll love.

Funny Bird Names

Are you looking for bird names that will make you and your friends laugh no matter how often you hear them? Well, do we have the list for you! In this section, we’ll highlight several of the most hilarious bird names and discuss them briefly. We’ll tell you why we chose each name and give you an idea of what kind of bird they might pair with the best.

cool bird names

Angry Bird

Do you remember the hilarious mobile game where you flung rather irate birds toward pigs who had taken their babies hostage? They even made a movie about it! Though this game has become a cliche, naming your bird after it will still elicit a laugh.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “birdbrain” quite simply: “a stupid person” or “scatterbrain.” Do you want to call your new pet bird an idiot? Well, that depends: if it truly deserves this name, we say give it a shot!


If you’re not a pun fan, you’re in trouble because we got them in spades on this list! Cheepskate is a play on the word “cheapskate,” which means someone who doesn’t spend much money. Thankfully, your bird will likely spend none of your hard-earned cash.


As a bird lover, you enjoy listening to your pet chirp away at all hours of the day. It’s one of the joys of owning birds: few other animals are as verbal or entertaining. If your bird is particularly mouthy, Chirpy is an excellent name.

Crowy Deschanel

cool bird names

Uh oh: we’re punning again! Crowy Deschanel is an obvious (and we mean obvious!) play on popular actress Zooey Deschanel’s name. While her popularity has waned slightly in recent years, just about anybody will know who you named your bird after.

Lord of the Wings

J.R.R. Tolkien was not only an extraordinary creative genius but a major bird lover! He populated his stories with beautiful eagles and other notable species. So why not celebrate this creative writer by naming your bird after his celebrated “Lord of the Rings” book series?


TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, and it’s an excellent name for a bird. It’s something of a pun, but also just sounds cool. It’s the name that will make your bird stand out among others.

Other Funny Bird Names

  1. Donut: An excellent name option if your bird has a sweet tooth.
  2. Eagle Eye: This name birds your bird a fun edge.
  3. Feathers: A little obvious but funny at the same time.
  4. Goofy: Though connected more with dogs, this name is still funny.
  5. Ringo: A great choice if your bird sings a little off-key (sorry, Ringo!).

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Badass and Cool Bird Names

While funny bird names are great if you have a sense of humor, badass bird names make your bird sound tough and cool. Yes, they might sit in a cage for days and panic when you leave the house, but dang it, you can still make your bird sound macho. Here are several names we think you’ll love.

cool bird names


Alpha is a name with a lot of history. It’s the first letter in the Latin alphabet and means “firstborn.” It’s also the term for the leader of an animal pack and implies that your bird is a badass who takes charge of situations. Heck yeah!


Boris is a Russian name that means “to fight,” which is as badass as you get. Boris can also refer to the underground Japanese metal band of the same name: they’re not only one of the loudest and heaviest bands of their genre but have a female lead guitar player. Amazing!


Don’t worry: we’re not suggesting Damian, the name of the son of Satan, in the classic “The Omen” film series. Damon comes from classical mythology and means “stoic strength” and “true friendship.” What’s more badass than a true friend? Not much.


Few birds are as remarkable as the griffin, a mythological species that kicked ass and took names! Obviously, that makes it an excellent name for your new bird pet. If you’re a comedy fan, this name could also refer to “Peter Griffin” from the popular “Family Guy” show.


This rare English name means “brave friend” and is an excellent name for a bird. After all, you want a good pet that will be by your side through thick and thin! Beyond that, this name literally has the words “hard” and “win,” which we think is a big win!


Jagger is an old-school name that means “hawker of goods,” which isn’t why we chose it. We think it sounds cool because a) it sounds like “dagger,” which is incredible, and b) Mick Jagger is the best rock and roll singer of all time…according to many people.

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Former boxer Mike Tyson has gone through many phases in his career, from the most feared man in the sport to a laughing stock to a popular internet meme. His remarkable boxing career alone makes his last name a perfect option for your tough bird.

Other Badass Bird Names

  • Axel: A Scandinavian name that sounds cool, thanks to Axl Rose.
  • Carlos: A Spanish name that means “strong.”
  • Faust: An Italian name that means “lucky.”
  • Huntley: An old-school name that means “hunter’s meadow.”
  • Steele: An incredibly tough name that means “hard, durable.

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Exotic Bird Names

Are you looking for bird names that go beyond funny or badass and feature a more exotic feel? Well, we’ve brainstormed several options that we know you’ll love! These names are fascinating and should provide you with plenty of options that work well for many bird types.

cool bird names


Azul sounds like a frightening demon in a video game or a fantastic hero from an intense Greek myth. Here’s the thing: Azul is just the Spanish word for “blue.” That isn’t that exotic or badass! That said, sometimes the meaning isn’t as important as the sound.


The Inca Nation was an advanced nation in the New World that was wiped out by European settlers. They were a unique culture that had innovated many surprising things, including sports and even surgery. Celebrate their legacy by naming your bird after them.


The word “kiwi” has a fascinating legacy. First, it’s the name of a popular and delicious fruit. Secondly, it’s a type of bird and a common nickname for someone from New Zealand. That gives this name a unique and exotic feel that makes it perfect for you.


cool bird names

Do you love eating exotic fruits? Mango might just be the name for your bird! It has a strange sound to it and refers to a fruit that’s common in many warm parts of the world. And check this out: birds often LOVE mangos! How cool is that?


Mojo refers to inner strength or a person’s dedication to various tasks. Popularized as a name after Jim Morrison sang “Mr. Mojo Risin!” (an anagram of his name), Mojo is perfect for a bird with a lot of zest and personality.


If you know Greek mythology, you already know that Pegasus is a flying horse that plays an essential role in many stories. If you didn’t know that, now you do! That beautiful mythological legacy makes this name perfect for a bird.


Sinbad is another ancient name that comes from the legendary “Arabian Nights” story collection. In this book, Scherezade tells 1,001 stories to entertain the king who married her and who threatened to kill her. Sinbad is a sailor who goes on many unique journeys.

Other Exotic Bird Names

  • Banjo: Banjo refers to a musical instrument but is also a unique bird name.
  • Casper: This old-school name is a great option for a “ghostly” bird.
  • Einstein: If you’re a bit of a nerd, Einstein is a perfect exotic name for a bird.
  • Iago: Remember Disney’s Aladdin? Iago was a popular parrot in that film.
  • Paco: Paco is a European name that works well as an exotic option.

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Creative Bird Names

As a bonus, we’re including several creative bird names that we think you’ll love! They don’t fall into any specific category but are names that we think should be highlighted. Once you’ve read through our list, we think you’ll agree:

cool bird names


This Hindi name is widely used in the Middle East and is also a popular song and album by Steely Dan.


Mr. Bojangles is a popular song based on a real entertainer and a great name for a bird.


Are you a college football fan? Use Bama to celebrate your University of Alabama fandom.


Bella is an Italian name meaning “beautiful” that works for many bird species.


This name refers to a popular exotic dance and simply sounds cool and creative.


If you’re a fan of this legendary singer, Cher is a perfect name for your bird, especially if they have a powerful voice.


cool bird names

Is your bird something of an escape artist? Celebrate their smarts by naming them after the most famous magician of all time.


The hula is a famous Hawaiian dance that you can use to give your bird a creative name.


Konga is cool because it could refer to both King Kong and play on the conga dance style.


This Hindi name refers to the archetypal man in Hindu mythology: what a cool bird name!


An opal is a beautiful gemstone and a wonderful bird name that your Polly will love.


Once a very popular name, Penny has gone out of style. That makes it a very creative option for your bird.


You don’t see this old-school name around much anymore: bring it back with your bird!


This uncommon name is a great option for just about any bird, particularly colorful species.

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What is the Most Popular Bird Name?

cool bird names

There are a few schools of thought on the most popular bird name. Many think that “Polly” remains the most popular: after all, Polly always wants a cracker. But it’s become such a cliche that few people seem to want to name their bird Polly anymore. We think that Hedwig is the most popular bird name now. After all, it’s the name of Harry Potter’s snowy owl: is there anything more popular than this book and movie series? Not much.

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