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Birdwatching can seem like an intimidating hobby. Here at The Bird Geek, we start with the basics and build into more complex skills. Whether you’re just getting into bird watching and bird feeding or know most of the local birds in your area, we will help you!

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About Becky Vogel

I’ve always loved birds. As a kid, I was fascinated by the cardinals and blue jays flying around my yard, and the robins searching for worms. As a Girl Scout, I helped a local wildlife ranger band birds. Now I have one squirrel- proof seed feeder, one thistle feeder, a suet feeder, and a hummingbird feeder in my yard. I buy the expensive bird seed that doesn’t contain millet to deter house sparrows. 

My spark bird was the rose-breasted grosbeak. While hiking, I noticed one singing merrily in a tree and watched it for 10 minutes or so. As soon as I got home, I flipped through my “Birds of Ohio” book to identify it. Now, I have two copies of The Sibley Guide to Birds- one in my car and one on my bookshelf! 

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In 2016, on a trip to the Grand Canyon Canyon September, I stumbled onto a hawk watch by chance. Volunteers were counting hawks as they migrated south for the winter. I’d never heard of such a thing before. Now, I notice the increased numbers of turkey vultures and red tailed hawks sailing past every fall.

I also enjoy photographing birds. Again, I’m still learning about this fascinating aspect of birdwatching. In 2018, locals spotted a snowy owl unusually far south- about an hour away from my house. I drove to see it and out of all the birders there, I definitely had the lowest powered binoculars and smallest zoom lens on my camera.

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I’m certainly not an expert birdwatcher. But I hope you’ll join me on my birding journey and learn together with me.