How to Stop A Bluebird from Attacking Windows [6 Tried and True Methods]

How to stop a bluebird from attacking windows

Bluebirds often attack glass and windows by striking and pecking them. Many other species of birds also do the same, and it can be very distressing to you and the bird.

However, there are some measures that you can take to prevent bluebirds from attacking windows.

Why Do Bluebirds Attack Windows and Glass?

How to stop a bluebird from attacking windows
Sadly, every spring, I see bluebirds near my office building attacking car mirrors and windows

Many people consider attacking birds a bad omen, while some believe that they are trying to communicate.

However, bluebirds generally attack glass (especially tinted glass) and windows because they see their own reflection and perceive it as a challenger. Especially in the springtime, bluebirds try to drive these challengers away from their mates, nests, and food sources.

Is Attacking Windows Harmful to Birds?

Attacking windows and glass can be harmful to birds if they do it repeatedly. They can stun or injure themselves, but it doesn’t happen in most cases.

It can be extremely annoying to hear the tapping sounds if you live or work near a surface a bluebird likes to attack. Not to mention the mess they leave behind.

Tips to Stop Bluebirds from Attacking Windows

1. Keep the Shades of Blinds Closed

Keeping your shades or blinds closed will reduce the window reflection and stop the bluebirds from attacking. Try closing the shades when the bluebird is attacking to see whether it’s effective or not. 

If birds continue attacking, consider using the following tips.

2. Place Plants and Pots on the Outer Side of the Windows

Placing plants and pots on window sills can reduce the reflections that the birds see. This method will also help you reduce the area where birds can sit and start attacking windows. This method usually causes bluebirds to lose interest in your windows.

3. Use the Yellow Highlighter Trick

Mr. David Sibley, a famous American ornithologist, invented a simple and cheap but highly efficient method to keep birds from tapping windows. Not only does this method work for bluebirds, but you can use it for pretty much all types of birds to stop them from attacking windows.

This method works almost every time, and all you need to do is grab a yellow highlighter and draw a simple grid on your window glass from the inside. The drawing will be fluorescent and barely visible to your eyes.

But birds will be able to see this grid easily, and they’ll naturally avoid it. The drawing will also reduce the reflection that’ll keep the bluebirds from attacking your window glass.

4. Hang Multiple Ropes to Dissuade Bird Landings

Birds need a clear space to land on a spot perfectly. Hanging a few ropes or string, sort of like a curtain from the top of your window will allow you to reduce the landing area. Then, the birds won’t have enough space to land on your window sills.

You can use heavy-duty duct tape or nails to secure the ropes in place through most types of weather. Using ropes that are similar to your house’s decor will help them look more decorative to your neighbors. 

The ropes will also move when the wind blows, and birds will find your window sills an uncomfortable place to sit. The ropes only need to be 5 to 6 inches long to stop bluebirds from attacking your windows.  

5. Place A Predator Decoy on the Window Sills

Place A Predator Decoy on the Window Sills
An owl decoy perched on an upper floor window ledge

Using predator decoys is one of the best ways to deter all types of small birds. People use it to prevent bird nests on their property, but these decoys can also be used to keep birds from attacking window glass.

You can buy a predator decoy like an owl, hawk, snake, or cat from your favorite home and garden store and place it on the window sill. Some people place the decoy and forget about them. After a while, birds get used to them and realize that it’s fake.

You don’t want to make that mistake, and that’s why it’s important to change the location and direction of the decoy every 2 to 3 days. It’s yet another simple and cheap solution that every homeowner can use to prevent bluebirds from attacking windows.

6. Hang Wind Chimes Near Windows

Using wind chimes is also an effective way to keep bluebirds away from your windows. You can also add a bird feeder or two to your lawn to attract bluebirds. Make sure that there are enough obstructions between your windows and bird feeders.

The sound and the movement of wind chimes will scare off the bluebirds, and the food will also lure them away from your windows.

It’s particularly a great method for people experiencing bluebirds attacking their windows located on a porch. That’s because there will be enough space to install wind chimes.

Birds are really fun to watch, and keeping them safe from their natural tendencies is a way to care for them. As a bird enthusiast we have to know the proper etiquette in bird watching.