Ultimate Owl Names Guide

Owls are grave, mysterious, intelligent, and fascinating birds that have long inspired mythological cultures and various literary traditions. As a result, they pop up in just about every genre you can imagine and enrich fantasy universes in many, many stories. We thought it would be fun to take a look at as many owl names as possible, from the downright hilarious to the deeply meaningful.

Funny Owl Names

owl names

Are you looking for a silly or pun-tastic owl name that will keep you and your friends in stitches? Well, if you want some good clean fun, owl puns are guaranteed to keep you h-owling! Are you tired of puns yet? Well, that’s a shame because we have several very punny owl names that we know the pun-hater will be sc-owl-ing at any time soon. Okay, we promise to stop with the puns soon. But do you know anyone WHO would laugh at the names below? We bet you do:

  1. Dr. Whoo – Everyone’s favorite time-traveling immortal seems to have just as long of a lifespan on television as he does in his fictional world. This hilarious owl name is perfect for the sci-fan fan in your life.
  2. Hootie and the Blowfish – Does anybody reading this still sing “Let Her Cry” when it comes on the radio? Then, this funny owl name (with a heavy emphasis on the first name) should be a “hoot.”
  3. Who-Dini – The world’s greatest magician of all time has a name that just screams owl pun, doesn’t he? A great name for the magic lover in your life.
  4. Who-Dunnit – The term “whodunnit?” refers to a type of murder mystery story that hinges on identifying the killer. It also makes for a fun owl name.
  5. Owlbama – What’s cool about this name is that it could be a pun on “Alabama” or former President Barack Obama. As a result, it’s a fun owl name, no matter what side of the political fence you prefer!
  6. Owl Capone – We love this name, but it’s a trick that works with anybody named Al. Owl Pacino is another great one. Owl Kaline is great for a baseball fan. 
  7. Powl Simon  – How about that old 80s pop hit “You Can Call Me Owl” by Powl Simon? Or maybe you prefer his work with Art Garfunkowl? We’re sorry about the bad puns (no, we’re not).
  8. Pete Towlnshend  – Are you a fan of The Who? If you love owls, you know it’s their favorite band. And that Pete Towlnshend is their favorite guitarist and songwriter, by far. 
  9. Jimmy Tallon – Everybody’s favorite late-night host is already a bit of a night owl, so anybody who stays up late to watch his schtick will likely love this owl name.
  10. Muhammad Owli – The sports fan will love this name, as will just about anybody’s dad. It’s a well-known fact that all dads love boxing, and Muhammad Owli will probably get them smiling.
owl names

Honestly, there were so many great Harry Potter puns that we had to restrict ourselves from making when compiling these zingers. While we’d love to share “Owldus Bumbledore” here, we have a whole section dedicated to the best owl names in Harry Potter. So if you’re here for the Potter Madness, make sure that you check out the section below to find the best owl name for your needs.

Owl Names in Harry Potter

owl names

The universe of Harry Potter is stuffed to the gills with owls, which makes it a fun fantasy series for the bird lovers out there. Harry Potter himself keeps the same message owl for many years, one that anyone who’s read the books or seen the movies will love. Fun fact: seven different male snowy owls played this female character in the films! Why don’t we start this list with her, then:

  1. Hedwig – Naturally, we couldn’t have a list of Harry Potter owls without mentioning Harry’s heroic Hedwig, an owl who makes the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against evil.
  2. Errol – The hilarious Weasley family naturally has a slightly clumsy (that’s putting it kindly) Great Gray Owl. Like the Weasleys, though, Error is far more than comic relief.
  3. PigwidgeonPigwidgeon is a small owl that is probably from the species known as “Little Owl,” one that is also related to the Burrowing Owl and which primarily eats insects.
  4. Malfoy’s Owl – The evil Draco Malfoy naturally owns an Eagle Owl, which is the largest owl in all Europe. While it never gets a name, its presence is rather foreboding when it appears.
  5. Hermes – Percy Weasley also has a screech owl of his own, though it doesn’t really play a big part in the plot of the books and is only briefly mentioned in the series.
  6. Brodwin – Though the prime minister’s owl only shows up briefly in the series, Brodwin shows up to send a message to Harry, Ron, and Hermione when the queen’s bag goes missing.

The great thing about Harry Potter is that there are so many characters that you could create almost endless owl-name variations. For example, you could name an owl Dobby after this important character or even name one Harry. While these names don’t necessarily have the true “owl touch” that the other names on this list do, they can easily help you celebrate your favorite fantasy series.

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Snowy Owl Names

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Snowy owls have had a huge peak in popularity thanks to Harry Potter and are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. If you have a snowy owl living in your backyard that you want to name, here are a few fun, meaningful, and even beautiful names that you can use:

  1. Snowy – While this name isn’t exactly the most creative, it is at least honest. A snowy owl with this name might get picked on in the nest, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good name, either.
  2. Winter – Here’s another name that’s far too obvious to ignore. Winter is a beautiful name for a snowy owl, even if it might seem a bit too obvious on the surface.
  3. Holly – We like Holly a lot for a snowy owl name because the connection isn’t so obvious. Holly berries often stand out heavily in winter snow and are a common winter or Christmas image.
  4. Frostbite – You can tweak this name to the much cooler “Frostbyte” if you want to add a little edge to the name. Or you can just leave it with the correct spelling: that’s up to you.
  5. Saskatchewan – As one of Canada’s biggest provinces, Saskatchewan sees a lot of snow, which makes it a fun name for the snowy owl in your life.
  6. Blizzard – We’re going all-in on the snow names. Blizzard is a beautiful name for a snow owl! Just imagine Blizzard flying through the night sky with its gorgeous white feathers catching rays from the moon!
  7. Santa – If this name feels a bit too silly or childish, you can change it up with “Claus” or even “Saint Nick.” Some may even prefer “Nick” or “Nicholas” as an alternative to Santa.
  8. Noel – This name, which means Christmas, is a fantastic snowy owl name option. You can also try a different spelling, such as Noelle, if this name feels a bit too obvious.
  9. Tundra – Here’s a name that might not come to you right away! Tundra works very well for snow owls, as will names like “Snowdrift” and other winter-related names.
  10. Crystal – Crystal is such a delicate and light mineral that it makes a perfect name for a snowy owl. You can also try variations like “Snowflake” or even “Amber” to play on similar themes.
  11. Frosting – White cake frosting is delicious, no matter what your age. That makes it a great name for a sweet snowy owl, particularly one that gets a lot of love in its life.
  12. Elsa – You just know that we had to include this name, didn’t you? Everybody’s favorite icy-cold Disney princess deserves to have at least a few owls named after her, doesn’t she?
  13. Anna – Okay, so Anna might not have the power to control the snow as her sister Elsa does in “Frozen.” But she’s such an integral part of the film that it’s hard not to include her here.
  14. Olaf – Naturally, we had to include everybody’s favorite snowman here! Olaf basically steals the show whenever he’s on the screen in “Frozen,” making this a great name for a goofy snowy owl.

As you can see, there are many great snowy owl names that you could use! We suggest taking some time to decide which names appeal to you the most carefully. Not much of a Disney fan? You could always call your owl “Winter” or “Crystal” for a more old-school touch.

Steampunk Owl Names

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Steampunk is a niche fantasy genre in which amazing machines are made using old-fashioned methods, such as steam engines. It is very popular in many circles and often features owls. Here are a few steampunk-related names that might make for a fun steampunk owl name:

  1. Allan Quartermain – The original steampunk legend is a great naming option for owl fans who love steampunk and want to celebrate it as much as possible.
  2. Andan Cly – Steampunk fans who enjoy “The Clockwork Century” may enjoy an owl named after this legendary character.
  3. Charles Baggage – This early computer scientist was a radical thinker and shows up in the book “The Difference Engine,” making him a great character to name your owl after.
  4. Hawley Griffin – Hawley Griffin Wells, also known as H.G. Wells, was a science fiction writer who pioneered many of the steampunk tropes in his works.
  5. Lew Basnight – If you want to go a bit more literary, name an owl after a character in Thomas Pynchon’s insanely long (and fantastic) “Against the Day.”
  6. Lionel – How many Lionel’s appear in steampunk stories? Almost too many to mention, including Lionel Verney in “The Last Man.” It makes for an excellent owl name!
  7. Luca Zombini – Here’s another character from Pynchon’s “Against the Day,” a traveling magician who’s one of the most famous and celebrated characters from the book.
  8. Pazu – “Castle in the Sky” is one of the most popular steampunk anime films of all time, and Pazu is one of the most popular characters from that film.

No matter what your interest in steampunk, there’s bound to be a fun owl name that you can use! Try one of these great names, or come up with your own. Here’s a tip: if you’re writing a steampunk story that needs an owl, take an old sci-fi or fantasy writer’s name and tweak it. Voila!

Norse Owl Names

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Norse mythology is a fascinating world of amazing gods, endless battles, and fascinating birds. The Vikings who told these stories clearly loved owls because they appear in almost every story and are connected with many gods and goddesses. Just a few Norse owl names include:

  1. Katyogel – The Norse goddess of wisdom is often associated with mythological owls, which in Viking times were considered intelligent and enlightened birds.
  2. Odin – While the head Norse god Odin was mostly associated with ravens and wolves, he did own a pet owl that shows up in quite a few stories associated with this legend.
  3. Frigga – Odin’s wife is the goddess mostly commonly associated with strategy and motherhood and takes the form of an owl at times throughout Norse mythology.
  4. Idun – The Norse god of protection and guardianship is also heavily associated with owls, with her spirit animal being a barred owl.
  5. Ugla – The actual Norse word for owl is “ugla,” which is a name commonly given to owls throughout Norse myths, including Odin’s. As a result, it is not certain if this was just a general term that writers used or a specific name.
  6. Huathe – This mystic rune in Norse history represents owls and is considered to be an essential connector and guide to the underworld.
  7. Oule – Oule is  similar to the next two names because they are commonly seen throughout Norse mythology and are likely variations on “ugla” or other similar terms.
  8. Howyell – See Oule.
  9. Hoole – See Oule.
  10. Volsunga – Norse mythology’s primary mythological story, the Volsunga Saga includes many mentions of owls and would make a fantastic name for the owl in your life.

It is fascinating to look at terms like “ugla” and “oule” and see how they likely transformed into “owl.” The European languages are often highly connected in this way because of the shared Latin root, which makes it fascinating to study names like these. 

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Unique Owl Names

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Here are a few fun owl names that come from a variety of different sources or are based on other languages, such as the gorgeous Latin word for night:

  1. Glimfeather – Fans of “Chronicles of Narnia” likely remember this owl and will find this an excellent name for their favorite bird.
  2. Hoots – While this might seem a rather punny name (sorry, we promised, no more puns!), it is actually the name of the owl character in The Muppets.
  3. Jareth – Here’s another owl name that Jim Henson fans will love! The cult classic “Labyrinth” featured David Bowie’s character, Jareth, appearing as an owl.
  4. Nightwing – Are you a big DC Comics fan? If so, you probably already know that Nightwing is a character from that line.
  5. Owlboy – The cult videogame hit “Owlboy” features multiple bird-human hybrids, including the perpetually undervalued titular character.
  6. Noctus – This Latin word means “night,” which is obviously a fantastic name to give an owl, no matter what its species.
  7. Woodsy – The U.S. Forest Service’s famous anti-pollution bird isn’t as well known today as “Smokey” but is still a significant part of American pop culture.

Any of these owl names would be an excellent option for your favorite bird, though we’re honestly very partial to “Noctus” and think it’s close to being the best owl name ever.

Names With Owl In Them

owl names

Here are several names that either mean owl in various languages across the world, especially in Native American or other aboriginal cultures:

  1. Shannon – This still-common Gaelic name means “little wise owl” and is common throughout many parts of America and England.
  2. Eerin – This aboriginal name means “a small gray owl” and shouldn’t be confused with the name “Erin,” which has a different name completely (“Ireland”).
  3. Kotori – Native Americans have many names that mean owl, including this name, Opa, Opah, Sahpooly, and Tiponya.
  4. Kapueo – The original Hawaiian language is tragically little spoken these days, and this word for owl is one of the most beautiful in the language.
  5. Ascalaphus – Ancient Greeks created this name to in one of their myths, when this character is turned into an owl by Persephone: “turned into an owl by Persephone” is the literal meaning of this name.

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