How to remove a wasp nest from a bird box in 4 steps without getting stung

How to remove a wasp nest from a bird box

Wasps usually build their nests in trees, but you can also find these nests in garages, sheds, roof edges, and even inside bird boxes. These insects choose reclusive, secure places, and a bird box makes the perfect spot.


Having a wasp nest inside a bird box is an unpleasant situation not only for you but also for birds. The best way to keep birds and your family members safe is to remove the wasp nest as soon as possible. Let’s discuss exactly how to remove a wasp nest from a bird box.

Step 1: Ensure Safety

To ensure safety, you’ll need to access RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to remove the wasp nest. It’ll protect you from painful wasp stings during the process.

You’ll want clothes that fully cover your body.

Step 2: Prepare A Plan

It’s important to have a complete strategy in place to remove a wasp nest from the bird box. It’s recommended to start removing the nest at night time. That’s because wasps are less likely to sting after sunset as they’re more docile at that time.

It’s important to consider your safety. For example, you’ll need to make sure that you cover your face, feet, hands, legs, and arms completely.

Don’t use flashlights or other bright lights because these things will alert the insects. Make sure that you keep your kids and pets inside your house to ensure their safety.

Step 3: Remove the Wasp Nest from the Bird Box

Once you are ready, approach the nest quietly and slowly. Cover the nest using a trash bag and make sure that you cover the whole nest.

Then, detach it from the bird box and immediately seal the bag. Carry the trash bag and place it inside a trash can with a lid. Place the trash can away from your house.

Step 4: Clean the Bird Box

how to remove a wasp nest from a bird box

You might see some leftover nest material along with some wasps inside the bird box. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. Once the bird box is free of wasps and nest, spray an insecticide on the spot where the nest was.

Important Note: Never attempt to remove a wasp nest from a bird box or anywhere else if you’re allergic to wasp stings. If you are, we recommend calling a professional to remove the wasp nest.

Tips for Preventing Wasp Nests

After removing the wasp nest from a bird box, you’ll need to take some important measures to keep these insects from building a nest again. You can use the following tips to achieve that.

  • Install wasp traps or repellants around your outdoor area to prevent wasps from entering your property.
  • Keep your outdoor area clean and free of food sources that attract wasps.
  • You can also place some wasp repellant plants such as sage, pennyroyal, clove, rosemary, lemongrass, wormwood, and mint.
  • Use insecticides around your property to keep wasps from returning.